Tenant Portal

Improve Services Rendered to your Tenants While Reducing Administrative Costs!

The CONNECT tenant portal allows you to improve the services you offer to your tenants.

Through this portal, your tenants can submit their service requests directly. These requests can be directed from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. The renter is then able to monitor the status of his requests. How does it work?

Once a service request is received on the CONNECT tenant portal, a task is then transmitted to the professional in charge who immediately receive a work order, either on their smartphone or tablet, informing them of the work to be done. After the task is completed and documented, the professional in charge closes the work order, and a follow-up is then transmitted in real time to the manager and to your tenant.

The CONNECT tenant portal allows you to improve services to tenants, reduce your administrative costs while increasing the efficiency of your maintenance team.

The CONNECT tenant portal allows you to:

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